How do we attract, develop and motivate the talent we need for your business? Very often, when you want to hire a person for your business, the first thing we do is request their resume. This is a request that we should not make, we are hiring a person and not a resume. Let’s avoid jumping to examine only the curriculum, because the curriculum will tell us the version that the person wants to be and that can even generate a wrong judgment of the candidate.

The first thing we recommend is to make sure that the people that will join your business have the cultural fit of what you want, the DNA of your business.

What does this person want in the future, what is their attitude, their behavioral style. Say you want your company to be focused on process development, so you must hire someone whose behavioral style is more focused on processes and not so much on people.

If the business model has a great load towards the commercial area, you must hire people who have the warrior spirit that you need, because it requires a well sophisticated commercial model.

If you want someone who provides unforgettable experiences to your clients, you must hire someone whose way of being is congruent with that.

“Strategy and structure are very important but the culture of your business is much more important, because it remains in the DNA of your company.”

Once you understand that the person has the DNA that you are looking for, then you are going to understand their competencies. For this you must understand their strengths and how to make best use of them to maximize the potential that they can contribute.

What kind of strengths do we need for the moment of the business in which our venture is?

You need to generate commercial leads, to generate operational capabilities, financial efficiency, to accompany expansion, to have knowledge about some particularity of the market or of a business line, or of a particular technological platform.

What are those strengths that the person has?

Initially we must focus on their competencies that will make the difference between a good person and an extraordinary person.

Once you understand the cultural fit and the competences, this is when you dive into the curriculum, to know their experiences, what area of ​​knowledge they have, what their achievements have been, what the person has learned from their experiences and more specifically what they’ve learned from their failures.

“People who have failed in their endeavors have extraordinary learning”

You must understand that it is a relationship of two. It’s important for you to hire the talent with the skills, the competencies, the attitude and the cultural fit, as well as it’s important for them to find the employer that they want.  What is this person’s job expectation and even what is their salary expectation and their expectation of professional growth. What is their work destination? Where do they want to aim?

These considerations are important to have a complete perspective of a new crew member of your destination. To convert these elements to tools that can facilitate in an interview process, follow these tips:

  • Seek to focus on the who and then the what.
  • Apply the CAR concept: Context, Activities and Results.
  • Implement the KSA: Knowledge, Skills and Attitude.
  • Balance in what they have achieved and how they achieved it.
  • What are your values? – Testimonials.
  • See the person, then their resume.

We should, as much as possible, enjoy the interview, be moderate in the use of the word, pay attention to the evidence, observe what the person is transmitting, how they are transmitting it, interact and then review the curriculum.