In the article I prefer an Ex Top Talent in my team! I referred to the importance of demanding a former top talent from your team. That’s right, someone who focuses more on contributing than showing off. Now, how do I make sure he’s the right person?

Here are some recommendations:

Search for: 

-The one who asks the relevant questions, seeking to understand what the challenge of the position is and not the one who brings pre-established paragraphs to show that he is talented.

-The one who learned that God gave him a face with two eyes to observe, two ears to listen and a mouth to speak, and thus uses them proportionally.

-The one who is firm in their performance demands, is consistent in developing the capabilities of another.

-One who admits that they failed, either in an attempt to undertake outside the corporate world, or simply sinking on an assignment.

Enjoy people who make mistakes and correct quickly, people who communicate assertively and do not pay as much attention to how their comments look, people who let their actions speak for themselves and who do not care so much about their reputation, because they are convinced that their achievements and behavior speak for themselves.

Make sure you attract, retain and develop someone whose attitude is to wake up each morning with the healthy dissatisfaction of challenging your own abilities, without thinking about what you have already accomplished.

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