Having a knack for successful job interviews is an important part of an entrepreneur’s ToolBox. Attracting the best talent is vital in the choreography of success.

What is the choreography of a healthy business?

Once the business line where you’re going to be as an entrepreneur has been defined – what is usually called the destination – the entrepreneur intuitively has to develop a model and a way to win: that is the strategy.

This order cannot be reversed. Once the destination is defined, the strategy must be built, after the strategy the organization that supports the strategy must be designed, that governance structure will be the organization chart or work team.

With a clear destination, a well-developed strategy aligned with shareholders, and a structure designed to support the strategy, you finally staff the company with the right people.

How to staff my business with the right talent?

Once the new businesses have taken shape in your model and the strategy has been defined, then you have to solve the dilemma of “How do I ensure that I staff my business with people who support its success?”

Hiring someone to do the work, meet set goals, and loyally support your endeavor will not be enough. That gives us an entry ticket, but not a glory ticket.

New talent must understand and support your strategic statement and accompany you in the destination. You are not going to hire someone who only executes orders, no matter how small the job is within the context of the organizational structure that you have designed.

“What you bring in an enterprise, especially in its beginning phases, is someone who accompanies the entrepreneur’s dream.”

Someone who is capable of building the capabilities that enable and the capabilities that make them different from their competitors and that those future capabilities can ensure profitable growth of your business, according to the plan you have established.

When someone is hired well, you are bringing in someone who will accompany you to create the corporate culture you want.

If you want your business to establish a culture of high innovation, you must hire people with creative mentality and intellectual curiosity, if you want your business to differentiate itself from another due to its agility in service, then you must bring in people who generate good and unforgettable experiences. You must bring people to accompany you in your way of creating the business culture that you want.

When someone is well hired for your entrepreneurship, you are hiring someone who empowers and develops work teams, not just who manages them.

Once you have accepted the commitment to bring crew members to our venture, you must differentiate between hiring someone and hiring someone well:

Hire someone who:

Achieves set goals.

Supports your venture with loyalty.

Manages work with teammates well.

Hire someone well

Understands and supports your strategic statement.

Builds future capabilities.

Creates the corporate culture you want.

Empowers and develops work teams.

In these circumstances the staff becomes very relevant, and now you have the captain, the navigator, the assistant, the crew that will take the ship to the destination you want and especially at a time when the undertaking means having certain characteristics.